Electric Vehicle Chargers

Green Key Electrical, Inc. installs Level 2 electric vehicle chargers that can minimize and reduce the time required to fully charge your electric vehicle on an average of 75%. This average varies between EV manufacturers, models and recommended charging stations.


Trading a gas pump for a plug is a wonderful thing. It’s far more convenient, takes less of your time, saves you from breathing toxic fumes and smelling like gas for hours after fueling. Charging is a different experience than pumping gas and understanding the subtleties takes time. Potential EV owners might want to get a head start on the learning curve, and maybe save a bunch of money as a result.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations simply deliver household electricity to the car. Electronics on board the car transform the wall power into the proper form to charge the battery. This bit of electronics built into the car also has a maximum power rating.

Rebates are available through most power companies. Check with your power company or check out our “Rebates page” to see if you qualify. Call now for more information or help with the required paperwork.  Toll-free:1-888-WATTS 4 U  (1-888-928-8748).


 Most Electric Vehicle Chargers require 240V circuit on a 30A, 40A or 50A breaker…

The main factors that will govern the cost involved for the installation of your electric vehicle charger will be dependent on the size of the circuit required, how far the circuit needs to be run from the existing panel to the desired location, available power and space requirements.

The breaker size or amperage required is determined by the EV charger make, model and manufacturer recommendations. Space for an additional breaker and the required power must also be available and taken into consideration. This can be determined by a simple inspection and the size of your existing panel.

(Pictured below is a typical 50A/240V Tesla Electric Vehicle charger installation)

Green Key Electrical did a Level 2 charging hook up in our garage, As a homeowner, we pulled a permit and had Jerry do the installation, we are very happy with Jerry’s work and just got signed off on final inspection. I’m ready to send in paperwork now for my rebate which will cover most of the permit and installation cost.

Jeremy Jenkin 

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