Flat Screen TV Installation


You’d think getting a TV on the wall was a simple process, but the reality is that there are much more than just a few ways to mount your flat-screen TV. There are several types of brackets worth considering for your flat screen TV installation.  Low-profile mounts (also called flat or fixed), tilting mounts, full-motion mounts and ceiling mounts.  If you want horizontal swivel or tilt then a full-motion wall mount is a good choice, some options can free up space which allows you to shape your room the way you want it to look, without being restricted by the direction your television is facing, but each method has its virtues.


Green Key Electrical offers quality wall mounted flat screen TV installation from design to finish.  Whether you want your flat screen flush mounted, tilted, or mounted with full motion, we can help. Your TV can be mounted in almost any location. Our services also include installing an outlet behind the TV or hiding the audio and video cables for a clean appearance…

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Available Options for your Flat Screen TV Installation…


Should I Choose a Fixed or Motion Mount?
Whether you choose a moveable mount or fixed TV mount will mostly depend on your personal preferences, but the rooms layout and intended audience should also be taken into consideration as well…


Fixed TV Mounts
Fixed TV Mounts hold the TV snug and flush with the wall. This mounting method keeps the TV closer to the wall than any other type of mount, giving a very clean, custom appearance. However, a fixed TV wall mount doesn’t  offer position adjustment. These installations are best when you have total control over the lighting, to avoid glare on the TV screen or in rooms where people will always be viewing the TV from the same position, ideally positioned centered in front of the TV. These are the least expensive TV mount, but can also be the best choice in certain circumstances.


Tilting TV Mounts
Tilting TV mounts allow you to angle your TV vertically while maintaining its position on the wall but do not allow horizontal adjustments. A tilting wall mount is a good choice when a TV is mounted higher than normal such as over a fireplace allowing you to angle the screen down towards the viewers. Tilt adjustments can also reduce glare from windows or room lights. Vertical adjustments usually range anywhere from 5-15° which varies by model.


Articulating or Full-Motion TV Mounts
Articulating TV mounts (also called full motion TV mounts) allow the best range of movement for your flat panel TV. Full-motion TV mounts make it easy to adjust your TV to the perfect viewing angle. This type of mount is perfect when viewers sit in a variety of locations of the room, or to combat the continuously changing glare from sun exposure. With an articulated swingarm, the TV can be moved towards or away from the wall, tilted up or down, and angle it from side to side with ease…


A full-motion TV mount is also a good choice for installing your TV in an armoire from which you can easily extend it outwards when you’re ready to watch or on a wall that’s at an angle to your seating. Just remember, when using a full-motion mount all of your audio and video cables must be long enough to reach when your TV is at the maximum extension.




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