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Green Key Electrical, Inc. offers complete wiring for your pool, spa, jacuzzi and hot tub hook-ups, including disconnects and GFCI protection to assure a safe installation. NEC code requires a disconnect switch and GFCI protection on all installations involving hot tubs, swimming pools, fountains and hydromassage bathtubs.  

The installation requirements listed below are outlined in article 680 of the NEC and need to be followed in detail to keep people safe. Applicable codes may vary depending on the local city and state ordinances, NEC codes are frequently updated and should be checked to confirm compliance.


680.12 and 680.42 Describe optional applications, how a disconnect must be installed, and be within sight.

680.44 States GFCI protection is required for all hot tubs, swimming pools, fountains and hydromassage bathtubs.

680.44(A) – States that even a Packaged Hot Tub Assembly Unit with a GFCI requires a GFCI Protected Circuit.

680.71 – States all 120V receptacles not exceeding 30 amperes installed within 6 feet of the inside walls shall be GFCI protected.

NOTE: This is a partial list of electrical codes. Other codes may apply as codes are updated.

Hot Tub-Hooks installed “up to code” with GFCI protection and a disconnect within sight for a safe, code compliant installation…

For a safe code compliant installation, state laws require that all electrical work be performed by licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors or their employees. By pulling a permit for your hot tub hook-ups and having the work is inspected by a city inspector, you’re assured the installation is done “up to code” and correctly.

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