Electrical Panel Installation

When it comes to electrical panel installation, Green Key Electrical has the experience and know-how to assure you get a quality installation and the right size of panel to fit your homes electrical needs. All of our installations are guaranteed to meet or exceed the most demanding expectations and installed “up to code” to ensure your safety and peace of mind…

 Modern households are very dependent upon electrical energy,  it seems as if each day there is the need for more and more outlets and service. Consider the average kitchen with its appliances, small appliance and electrical devices…this room alone could call for both 240V oven hookups and standard 120v GFCI receptacles, along with 220V for the laundry hook-ups and 120V receptacles, another 240V circuit for the A/C (sometimes two) and the list goes on. For today’s modern homes, a 200A service panel is a great choice that will meet today’s energy requirements.


Electrical Panel Installation and more…

Electrical panel installation is just one of the many services available. Green Key Electrical wants to be your complete lighting and electrical company,  with fast friendly service and 100% customer satisfaction we also offer service panel upgrades, sub-panels, Level 2 EV charging stations, dedicated circuits along with interior and exterior energy efficient lighting and more.

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