Code Corrections

Code corrections are services offered by Green Key Electrical, Inc. To be NEC code compliant, every pool must have GFCI protection to prevent electrical shock. Whether you need a minor repair, code correction or verification of proper grounding and GFCI protection, we can help…

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Applicable codes may vary depending on the local city and state ordinances, NEC codes are frequently updated and should be checked to confirm compliance.

680.44 States GFCI protection is required for all hot tubs, swimming pools, fountains and hydromassage bathtubs.

680.71 – States all 120V receptacles not exceeding 30 amperes installed within 6 feet of the inside walls shall be GFCI protected.

NOTE: Most electrical projects will require more than just one electrical code and may require several codes from several articles outlined in the NEC in order to be code compliant. These codes need to be followed in detail to ensure a safe installation. For all codes that pertain to a specific electrical project, please review the NEC and follow for safety and the protection of property…



For a safe code compliant installation, state laws require that all electrical work be performed by licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors or their employees.


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