PooL Lamp Replacement



Green Key Electrical Inc. offers pool lamp replacement with standard pool lamps available in 300W or 500W to LED pool lightingalong with complete lighting and electrical services for your swimming pool, spa, and fountain needs. All installations are designed in accordance with the “National Electric Code” to ensure a safe, code compliant installation.



 “Lamp Replacement”

Whether your pool light needs a new lamp, adding a new circuit for pool equipment or need a disconnect switch installed, we can help… We also provide troubleshooting, repair, and code correction services. If it’s lighting or electrical for a pool, spa, fountain call us at 1-888-WATTS 4 U, we’ll give you a quote and get it done right the first time…




Call us at 1-888-WATTS 4 U or try our “Service Request” and schedule an appointment today!

Try our “Service Request” and

schedule an appointment today!

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