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Green Key Electrical is your preferred electrical contractor for remodeling, room additions or whole house rewires. Our experienced electricians we’ll make sure all work is done “up to code” to keep your property safe and secure while exceeding your expectations with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When choosing the right electrical contractor for your home remodel,  the most important thing to consider is the amount of experience the contractor has in that field. An experienced electrician that also has knowledge of the local codes that need to be followed, the best available options and the order of the work that needs to be completed will assure even the most demanding expectations are met and done right the first time. Since 2001 we have helped our customers realize their goals with an unusual combination of practical know-how, creative solutions and the experience to do it right.

More than just an Electrical Contractor for Remodeling…

When you decide to remodel your kitchen or it’s time to add a room you’ll need more than just an electrical contractor for remodeling. Remodel, rebuild projects and room additions sometimes require a variety of work that needs to be done by a variety of different trades. Once the demoa work is completed, electricians, plumbers, flooring vendors, drywallers and painters may be needed to complete your project. The order in which this work is done and scheduling the vendors needed can be challenging but is an important step worth considering. One example being, after the demo work is done, you wouldn’t want to have the drywallers and painters come in followed by a plumber or electrician that may require reopening the walls to move a drain pipe or run an additional circuit…

In many cases, two or more trade professionals are required to work side by side to complete your project in a timely manner. Green Key Electrical will keep your best interest in mind, we are flexible when needed and well with other trades to maximize the workflow and minimize the time required to complete your project.

Whether it’s troubleshooting, adding a circuit, wiring a room addition or a complete rewire, rest assured,  you’ll get quality work with fast friendly service at an affordable price.

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