Quality Area Lights, Wall Packs & Floodlights

Please Note: Styles shown are just a few of quality floodlights available to fit your area. Most styles shown below and many more styles are available in LED, HPS or Metal Halide, with or without photocells and a variety of mounting options for easy installation, please contact us for more information…

13w/26w Flood

13w/26w Flood

Sm Wall Pack

70w HPS


Med Wall Pack

100w MH


175w HPS HID

HID (Knuckle)

175w MH HID

Area Lights, Wall Packs & Floods

Green Key Electrical specializes in energy saving lighting, we offer a complete line of quality energy efficient light fixtures available for interior and exterior lighting systems. Light fixtures are available in many different sizes, styles, and shapes.

Choosing The Right Fixture…

Finding the right light fixture for your project depends on many factors such as if it’s in a “wet” or “dry” location, the density and lighting effect desired, the mounting method and energy efficiency are a just a few things worth considering in making the right choice. We invite you to browse through our line up of interior and exterior lighting fixtures. Our energy saving lighting and products make it easy to upgrade your lighting to an energy efficient lighting system…

Now offering complete installation for your Ring Floodlight Camera…


New Fixture Installations and Retrofitting…

If your upgrading your existing lighting, our retrofitting services may be a great option compared to new fixture installations. Retrofitting is a great option when your fixtures are in good shape, we can simply remove the inside electrical components of the existing fixtures and upgrade the internal parts with LED components and desired lamp. This will save the cost of removing the existing fixture, the cost of the new fixture and the fixture installation.

We also offer complete design, installationtroubleshooting and repair services for residential, multi-family, industrial and commercial applications.


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