LED Retrofitting

What is LED Retrofitting?

If your upgrading your existing lighting, our retrofitting services may be a great option compared to the cost of new fixture installations. LED Retrofitting is the process of upgrading your fluorescent, HPS, HID, MH and other older technology lighting systems with a new LED light source using the existing fixture housing. There is a wide variety of retrofit lamps available that are specifically designed to fit the directly into the existing lamp base of many light fixtures. LED retrofits are also available that match the existing brightness (lumens) of the existing fixture while saving up to 80% in energy cost. If your existing fixtures are in good shape, in many cases we are able to simply remove and replace the existing lamp while others require the ballast be removed and bypassed or minor rewiring to be compatible with the retrofit requirements. This will save the cost of removing the existing fixture, the cost of a new fixture and the cost to install the new fixture. This will allows you to reduce the costs associated with the lighting upgrade tremendously, which also allows you to realize a much larger ROI. Although there are many benefits when upgrading to LED lighting using new LED fixtures or retrofitting, you’ll need to think about your facility or buildings own situation.

Retrofitting To LED Tubes saves $$$

Long-Life, Energy-Efficient LED Tube Lights for T8 and T12 Fixtures provide bright, reliable and silent (no ballast buzzing) instant-on lighting with an operating life of as much as 50,000 hours. Many sizes and styles of fluorescents can now be exchanged to LED with minor alterations to the existing fixture wiring. Please contact us for more information and availability.

  • Reduce energy costs up to 75%
  • Much longer lifespan, which saves on maintenance cost
  • No flickering or buzzing associated with LED lighting, not even near the end of its lifespan
  • Reduced cooling cost, LED’s are cool to the touch and less heat means lower cooling cost…
  • Removing the ballast also reduces the number of fixture components that need to be maintained
  • LED Retrofit lamps offer an ROI in less than 2 years.
Energy saving lamp replacements for fluorescent T12 and T8 lamps with innovative optical and mechanical design that achieves a light distribution pattern that minimizes lumen loss when installed in fluorescent light fixtures. Available options include retrofit kits with an external driver or direct lamp replacements with an existing ballast.

4″, 5″ and 6″ LED Recessed Light Retrofits

These 15W LED recessed lighting “Retrofits” are available in warm white or cool white and save up to 75% of the energy needed for an incandescent light. By removing the existing light and trim of your existing recessed light fixture, they are easily installed directly into the existing housing. LED last up 50,000 hrs compared to the lifespan of an incandescent lamp of approximately 8500 hours, saving you in maintenance cost and getting the best possible energy efficiency from your lighting system.

  • Reduce energy costs up to 75%
  • Available in Cool White or Warm White
  • Much longer lifespan, which saves on maintenance cost

LED Retrofit lamps, available for almost every application…

LED retrofit lamps are available in a vast amount of shapes and sizes to accommodate almost any LED retrofitting project you may have. They come with a wide range of Lumen output that produces the same amount of light output of their lamp equivalent. In addition to being more energy efficient, they also have a higher lumen maintenance meaning LED retrofits maintain a bright light throughout their lifespan with instant on and no flickering or buzzing.

LED A19 bulbs are specifically designed to replace your existing incandescent light bulbs while consuming significantly less power. These LED light bulbs use up to 90 percent less energy than their incandescent equivalents while maintaining the same brightness level (Lumen output). Led lamps are rated as comparable wattage for easy replacement…

LED BR 20/BR30 and BR40 bulbs are a direct LED replacement for incandescent and CFL reflector bulbs. Available in a range of color temperatures to match the look of your existing incandescent bulbs. These lamps are commonly used in recessed can lights, track lighting, indoor floodlights and in outdoor flood lights when rated for a  wet location.

LED Chandelier Bulbs are a replacement for decorative lighting fixtures with either a medium or candelabra base socket. LED chandelier bulbs produce a brilliant glow and require a fraction of the energy. These bulb replacements last up to 50,000 hours which will reduce maintenance cost while maintaining the elegance of your chandelier. Available in frosted, amber, or clear finish as well as a variety of bulb shapes, many styles are also dimmable when used with a compatible LED dimmer.

LED MR16 GU10, These lamps are available for replacement of your traditional halogen MR16s and use a fraction of the power consumption. Used in landscape lighting, track lighting, and recessed lighting and emit significantly less heat to help you save money in energy costs while maintaining the same lighting effect.

LED Corn Lamps are specifically designed to replace high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps, these LED corn bulbs are a perfect alternative that saves energy and lower utility costs which also last longer than traditional HID lamps and save you money on replacement and maintenance costs.

100W, 150W, 175W, 250W and 400W comparable LED lamps are also available for warehouse and other areas for a direct replacement for your existing HPS and MH high bay fixtures.  These retrofit lamps come with a wide selection of base types and color temperature to match your existing lumen output at a greatly reduced cost.

Green Key Electrical specializes in energy saving lighting, light fixtures are available in many different sizes, styles, and shapes. Finding the right light fixture for your project depends on many factors such as if it’s in a “wet” or “dry” location, the density and lighting effect desired, the mounting method and energy efficiency are a just a few things worth considering in making the right choice.

Our energy saving lighting and products make it easy to upgrade your lighting to an energy efficient lighting system…


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