Fixture Installations and Retrofits

Fixture Installations and Retrofits

Green Key Electrical, Inc. offers new fixture installations to residences, property management companies, HOA’s, multi-family and industrial properties.  We can also design your lighting project from start to finish so you get the perfect fixture installation with the right amount of lighting and desired effect from your lighting system. Take a look at our wide selection of quality Energy Saving Light Fixtures…


New Fixture Installations and Retrofitting…

If your upgrading your existing lighting, our retrofitting services may be a great option compared to new fixture installations. There are two kinds of retrofitting, the first being if the existing fixtures are in good shape we can simply remove just the inside electrical components of the existing fixtures and upgrade internal parts with LED components and desired lamp. This will save the cost of removing the existing fixture, the cost of the new fixture and the fixture installation. The second retrofit option is only available is when the existing light fixtures can be connected to the existing power, j-boxes, and hardware for the installation of new fixtures. Both methods can be beneficial in many ways and can you save you time and money over the cost of running power out to different locations or completely replacing your current lighting’s electrical system.  Green Key Electrical, Inc also offers a complete line of energy saving light fixtures for interior and exterior lighting systems.

Green Key Electrical can also install dimmer controls for your recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, hanging lighting and more to get the desired effect along with motion sensors, photocells, and timers to automatically control your exterior lighting and save energy…


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