Rebates (Save Energy and $$$)

Rebates are available for residential, multi-family properties and businesses of all sizes. Rebates are offered through government, city and state agencies as well as various manufactures and your local public utilities department.

Homeowners, HOA’s and Property Management companies can benefit from rebates and incentives being offered for using “energy saving” fixtures and lamps, “energy efficient” appliances and more by  following a few simple guidelines.  If your considering adding new lighting or upgrading your existing lighting, take a  look at the incentives offered for using energy saving lighting while helping the environment and conserving energy.

Rebates and incentives are available through various manufactures, and suppliers as well as your local public utilities department…

Anaheim Public Utilities / Incentives, Rebates & Savings

Southern California Edison / Incentives, Rebates & Savings

Pacific Gas & Electric / Incentives, Rebates & Savings

Green Key Electrical, Inc. specializes in “Energy Savings” and “Energy Efficient”  lighting systems. We also offer complete design, installation,  troubleshooting and repair services for interior and exterior lighting projects.

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Surveying your property and knowing the project at hand is the first step in recognizing all the options and incentives available to you. Evaluating the property and knowing all your options helps us to continue providing the best possible service with safe, professional “Energy Efficient”  lighting and electrical systems…

Call us at 1-888-WATTS 4 U or try our “Service Request” and schedule an appointment today!

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