You’re ready to apply for a building permit.

A City Building Permit is required to ensure your home is in compliance with the building code. The Building Inspector will check the electrical panel and all the wiring inside your home.

You can apply for the permit over the counter at City Hall, located at 200 S. Anaheim Blvd., or call 714.765.5153.

There is a separate fee for the building permit.

Once the approvals have been obtained and all the paperwork is completed, we can can get started. We’ll start by measuring the distances from the ground up to the bottom of the panel, the existing panel size, how many and what of size knock outs, how many existing circuits, what size and where the circuits enter the panel. Then we’ll make a material list and verify the panel size for the best style and fit for the application. Once this is complete, we can start the demo work prepared with the best options to make sure the installation goes smooth and eliminate any surprises.

Once the demo work  is done, all materials will be ready to go for installing the panel and prepare for the first of two inspections needed to complete the installation of your new panel…

Call us at 1-888-WATTS 4 U or try our “Service Request” and schedule an appointment today!

Try our “Service Request” and

schedule an appointment today!

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